Description of programme

(participants, importance, place and time and way of realization)

International student competition of students Hardware and Software (H&S)
Competition is dedicated to students of computer electronic studies and similarly faculties.
Competitions will be conducted in same time when is Conference Power Electronics in Novi Sad.

1. Theme:

A System is based on hardware and software. Hardware includes: PCs, networks, micro controllers, DSPs, PICs, А/D and D/А converters, OP amplifiers, transistors, diodes, digital circuits, memories, sensors, video cameras, power supplies, passive components, loudspeakers, microphones, antennas, mobile phones, LC displays, optoelectronic components, thiristors, power transistors, modems and similar devices.
Software includes: C++, Delfi, MatLab, Visual Basic, Java, Visual C++, Emulating programs for PICs, Programs for DSP, Signal processing and similar applications.

2. General rules:

Every team consists of four students and a coach, who does not participate directly in the competition (a professor or an assistant from their faculty).

3. Duration:

4 days

4. Organization:

- Each team should bring at least 2 portable computers (laptops) to perform the task.
- Each team will be provided with a job.
- The hot student will be available for the duration of the competition.
- Students will be provided with basic components for task realization and internet access.
- Details of the task will be published later.

5. Jury

Two professors from different and neutral faculties and an expert in industry. The jury will work on “Jury working rules” act which will be published before the competition starts.

6. Programme Board

Programme board consists of well known professors, industrial specialists, and application engineers. This board takes care of the competition programme.

7. The rules of competition:

Organizing board gives rules for the competition.

8. Food:

Food for the members of the visiting team (students) is provided during the duration of the competition.

9. Award for teams:

Teams' awards for the first three places won by the organizer.

10. Date schedule:

Deadline for team registration:
     July 15, 2019
Preliminary Task:
     October 1, 2019
     October 23th - 26th, 2019