1. Darko Vračar,
     Brusa Elektronik (München) GmbH, Munich, Germany

     "Development of Power Electronics` Systems"
     - From Blank sheet to MAss production and Beyond -
2. Prof. Drazen Dujic, Mr. Stefan Milovanovic
     Power Electronics Laboratory – PEL,
     Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

     "Modular Multilevel Converters – Operating Principles and Applications"

Dear Ee2019 participants,
on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 23, 2019, we will have two interesting tutorials presented by Darko Vracar and Prof. Drazen Dujic (EPFL, Laussane, CH). To register, use Ee2019 registration form (FTNConference account - Menu - Your participation) or follow the link: Login